What even IS messaging and how you can use it to connect powerfully

We’ll be talking about all things messaging:

  • Like what even IS messaging
  • How you create a strong message
  • When & where to use your messaging
  • and more!

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Here are the basics

Hey, happy Thursday, every one. I have my Michelob today and I want to talk about messaging. So messaging is one of those things that is not super complicated, but it’s something that people get confused about a lot. So I wanted to bring it up today. Basically, what messaging is, is it’s just your underlying values really as a brand. What is the main overall message that you want to get across with your brand? So when somebody lands on your webpage or reads a blog post or whatever it is, you know, follows you on social media, you want to make sure that your message is clear and coming through in all of those different brand touch points. So an example of that would be, a lot of, and this is a cheesy example just because I think it’s super vague and overused, but it’s a good one to show what I’m talking about, is empowering women is like, an overarching message that a lot of brands feel like that’s their mission to share.


So, sorry. It’s been a long day today. I’m like, off my game. So I apologize in advance.


So when we’re talking about what is messaging then it’s really that underlying foundation of your brand and the theme of your brand. And if you could pick one specific thing that your audience walked away with after an encounter with your brand, whether it’s working with you one on one or even looking at your website, what is that one main point that you want to get across? And it’s usually something that’s, it’s specific, but it’s also a value, not like, oh help you do this specific thing. It’s the deeper meaning and the deeper why behind what it is that you do.


So with my stuff, I talk a lot about just being yourself and using your personality. So my messaging and my message that I try to incorporate into all those different brand touch points is that you don’t have to be fake, you don’t have to do anything, but just be yourself to build a brand. And that is the best way to do it.


The cool way to study the messaging of other people is to kind of pick people who you feel have a really strong message. People like, Gary V is a good example, and whether you agree with the way that he does things or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s still cool to go and look at the different ways that the messaging comes through across all of the brand’s touch points. So if he’s talking about, you know, one specific thing in his video, a certain video, it probably still ties back to his overarching message of as a business. So that’s really cool. That’s a really cool thing to go back and look at, to study messaging.


How do you, like, how do you create a strong message then? It’s easy to talk about it and it’s easy to talk about your, you know, your business and what you want to do and all the ways that you’re gonna help people. But it’s a little bit harder to articulate that in a way that people get it and when they, when they read your website or, or talk to you in a video or whatever it is. So how you create that strong message is to really do the inner work, I guess. If you want to talk about it in a woo-woo way. But basically just focus on your why. Why are you doing what you do? And that’s usually the core driver of your business anyway. But I think a lot of people forget to talk about that.


Everybody has their own personal why and their own personal reasons for doing what they do. I was talking a second ago, mine about just being yourself and you know, using your personality for everything. That’s really my core message. And it comes from sitting in a cube forever and feeling I couldn’t really do what I wanted to do, or do what made me happy and I was having to put on a fake face all the time to just, you know, be civil in in the corporate environment. And that’s where my message comes from. And if you go and you read different blog posts or watch different videos and stuff, I talk about that a lot and it comes out a lot. Even if the actual post or the actual video is talking about logos or setting boundaries with your clients or whatever it is, the underlying message and the reason behind it comes through in everything.


That’s really how you create that strong message. Is to make sure that it comes through in every single aspect of your brand. And it takes a lot of work to do that. It definitely does. You have to be very conscious of what you’re saying and what you’re doing. So that’s why the best message you can give is just something that you feel strongly and passionately about anyway because then it’s not, it’s not hard, it’s just you being you and it comes out.


So yeah, that’s pretty much my messaging talk. It’s short and simple today. Messaging is not anything that’s super complicated, but I get a lot of questions about it and I think it’s just one of those brand words that’s really, it’s really overused and I think some of it’s meaning has gotten a little bit lost. So I just wanted to hop on and clarify that one today. I’m going to have to play with the times of these calls, too. So, I know this is a weird time for most people. So make sure if you’re watching the replay and you have any questions or anything, let me know. And I’ll try to play with these times a little bit and make it a better time for more people to join live. Cause obviously I would love it if everybody could join live and ask your questions, you know, right then and there. But I do always go back and read the comments on the replay. So let me know if you have any questions about messaging or anything else.


I will be back in here on Sunday for #SpotlightSunday with Amber. And Amber is going to be talking about how to write bad ass bios for yourself. I know that’s something that a lot of people struggle with. Talking about yourself is really difficult. So Amber’s going to be here talking about that and it’s going to be freaking amazing. So come back on Sunday and I can’t wait to see you then. Let me know if you have any questions. You guys have a good night.


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