The importance of OWNING your brand with Brooke Lawson

I know… I’m interviewing myself… #dorky

But since it’s the very first one EVER, I wanted to give everyone an idea of how it works + some valuable info about stepping up and OWNING your brand while I’m at it!

*NOTE* This video was recorded LIVE inside my Facebook group, Brand Boldly for Service-Based Entrepreneurs as a #SpotlightSunday feature. Join the group to participate LIVE and get YOUR biz featured to the group for free.

Not a video person? No worries.

Here are the basics

Hello everyone! We are live here for our very first #SpotlightSunday! I’m excited to be here.


For the very first one, since a lot of people have been asking me questions about what is the purpose of them? We’ve had a lot of people sign up so far and I’m really excited about it, but I’ve also had a lot of people asking questions like, what can I expect from it? And what’s the structure going to look like? And things like that, so I thought I would use myself as a guinea pig for our very first one. If you have any questions, like always, if you have any questions, just type them in the box. If you’re here, let me know that you’re here. Leave a comment or something so that I know that you’re here. Talk to me! And we’ll just dig in.


I want to start with my vision for the #SpotlightSunday series and what I’m hoping to get out of it and what I’m hoping you’ll get out of it. The first reason that I wanted to do these is because I really want to get to know your business. I want to have that sense of connection and feel like I know you and you know me. And it’s more about getting to know each other instead of those big huge Facebook groups where there’s thousands of people in there and you don’t actually ever get to know anybody. That’s not what I envision for this group. Of course I want to grow it, and of course I want to attract the right kind of people, but I would much, much rather have a small group that’s really engaged and really focused on helping each other and learning from each other. That’s what I’m hoping to get out of these.


That being said, obviously, I still do want it to grow. So if you know people that you think would be a good fit, not just for #SpotlightSunday, but for the group in general, invite them! Send them on over, send them our way. That would be awesome.


The next reason that I wanted to do these is because I haven’t really seen another place that’s doing anything like this. And I wanted to create a space that was comfortable and safe for you to practice getting visible and being on camera. I know that’s a huge thing online right now everybody is talking about visibility in all the other entrepreneur groups and that’s because it’s really important. Especially video. The Internet is going the way of video for sure. I know that it’s terrifying for a lot of people. It’s hard to get on there. And you know – what if you say something ridiculous? Which I’m sure that I’ve already done. This is the place to come. I wanted to create a safe space where you can get your voice out there and spread your message and just practice doing that. Stop waiting to learn and just freaking do it already.


The last reason I created this is what I just said a second ago. I want to help you spread your message. I want you to be visible and I want people to hear about all the amazing things that you’re doing in your business. It doesn’t really matter how awesome you are if no one ever knows that you exist, you know? I really want you to just practice saying your thing. Articulating your message in a way that people get it and can find you and I want to just be a part of your story and your journey. I can’t wait to see everybody who was terrified – I hope that I see you six months from now and you’re rocking it online, being a bad ass, and talking about how “I remember how I was so scared of video long ago” and now you’re awesome. I can’t wait for that. I want that to be you. So sign up for #SpotlightSunday. If you’re terrified, all the more reason to do it! All the more reason to sign up right now! Please, please, please.


We already have some awesome people lined up and I’m so excited for it. And I want every single person that wants to be on here, I want them to have a spot. So if you’re scared, do it right now. It’s over in the forms and I think it’s also tagged or pinned in the announcements section – the application. Fill it out and we’ll get you on the calendar. I’m so excited to hear from you.


The next part of this video, I just wanted to give an overview of how exactly it’s going to work. Basically, the structure of the #SpotlightSunday calls, I’m going to have an intro section where you introduce yourself, obviously – your name, your business name, basic stuff like that. I would say “I’m Brooke Lawson from Filament Branding and I’m a Brand Strategist,” stuff like that. And then teach us your thing, whatever it is that you want to teach us for your session.


I want these to be more like a conversation. I don’t want huge elaborate presentations where you’re clicking through and just reading slides and stuff like that. I want it to be more of a conversation and an informal just discussion about you and why you do what you do and your business. Again, it’s nothing to be scared of, though. I’m going to be right there with you the whole time. I won’t leave you hanging or anything like that. I want it to be like if you were explaining to your best friend what you do, that’s the goal for these.


The standard questions that I’ll ask everyone is – what’s your name, obviously, your business name, too. And then why did you create your business? Is the next thing I want to ask everybody. I’m really looking for like your why, your deeper why, what’s your story? This is where you should emphasize why you’re so passionate about your business and what is it about doing your thing that lights you up and gets you excited. So everybody will get asked that question.


The next question that we’ll go through is, what’s your definition of branding? So I love, love, love hearing everyone’s different branding definitions because everybody views it a little bit differently. And as long as you don’t say your brand is your logo, you’re not wrong. If you say that you’re wrong. Everything else though, there’s no wrong answer. It’s just what does branding mean for you and for your business. So that’ll be the next one.


And then how has focusing on your brand affected your business? Hopefully you’ve done a little bit of branding work already and you have, even if you don’t call it branding, you have. Thinking about how you are going to articulate what it is that you do and how to get your clients to just get it. That’s branding. So we’ll talk about that a little bit and what takeaways and why you think branding is important for your business.


And then we’ll just dive in from there on what it is you want to teach us. That’s going to be all you. I’ll interact with you along the way. Like I said, I’m not just going to leave you hanging up there where you’re just like, here’s my thing and just reading off a bullet point list cause that’s boring for everybody, honestly. We’ll go through that and you’ll just teach us whatever it is you want to teach us and we’ll be on our way.


That’s my intro for this video. Short and sweet. Just to give everybody an idea of what these sessions are going to be like. And I can’t wait to see everybody’s sessions. We’ll just move on to – I hate like I hate making short little videos like this because I feel like they’re not giving any value – so I’m going to pretend that I’m interviewing myself cause I’m a total dork and I don’t want to end the video without giving you something valuable.


I’m going to pretend like I am the #SpotlightSunday person and I want to talk about the importance of owning your brand and really owning your message and what it is that you stand for. When I talk about owning it, I mean embodying every aspect of your message. For me, that means putting your personality into everything unapologetically. Talking to people the way that you would say things and not putting on a fake face and not doing anything that you don’t want to do, really. And just owning it and not feeling bad about that. And not feeling like you should be doing something different. Because you shouldn’t.


That tends to scare people. A lot of times people get scared when I say things like “say whatever you want, you’re not going to offend anyone. And if you do the wrong for you.” But really that’s it. That’s the whole point behind using your personality in your brand is you’re gonna attract the right people if you do it that way, the people that are meant to be working with you, and the people that are your actual real ideal clients – that’s how you’re going to attract them. But you are also going to push people away. And you can’t be scared of doing that. You can’t be scared of pushing people away. And that usually terrifies people.


But I want to challenge you a little bit to kind of think about it from a different perspective. I want to give you the reasons that I purposefully push people away and I try to offend people. And I don’t do it just to be a jerk or to start shit online. But on my web site, I say the f word a lot. I say lots of stuff that you probably don’t see on other people’s websites. And not only is that just my personality, so there’s one side of that where I want to weed you out basically from the beginning if you’re going to get offended by that. If you’re offended by the word shit, we’re not going to be a good fit to work together, anyway. I want to get you out of my funnel early so that neither one of us wastes each other’s time. So that’s one side of it.


The other side is, it’s kind of like setting up expectations for how our relationship will work. I’m a very informal person and a lot of times I think people get that mixed up with – just because you’re informal, some people think that means you don’t know what you’re talking about or you’re not an expert and that is completely not the case at all. I can say shit and still know what I’m talking about. I can still send a message and help you. I think it’s setting up those expectations beforehand because what I would hate to happen is I have all this stuff on my website that tells about me and what you’ll get out of it. And then on our very first call, something pops out of my mouth that you’re not going to like and you’re not going to want to hear and it’s going to be bad. And then we will both wasted each other’s time. That’s just me. It’s about putting my personality out there and getting it out there early. The right people will appreciate it. They’ll appreciate my honesty and they’ll appreciate me saying what needs to be said, even if you don’t always want to hear it. And the wrong people won’t. And that’s okay. They’ll immediately leave and I won’t waste my time talking to them and they won’t waste their time either. They’ll move on and they’ll find somebody who they do resonate with. Cool? That’s it.


That’s, honestly, the easiest thing you can do – is just be yourself. It shouldn’t be super hard because you’re just being yourself, you know? That’s my message today about owning it. Closing words – just keep in mind, it’s all about attracting those ideal clients, but it’s just as much about deterring the ones who don’t fit into your ideal client mold. Because you only want to work with the ones that resonate with you and you think will actually get results from working with you.


That’s it for today. Again, #SpotlightSunday application is over on the side. Fill it out because I want to hear about your business. We’re going to hear plenty about branding and all of that stuff. I don’t want to spend too much time today. You’re going to get plenty of me. I want to hear from you. That’s really what the #SpotlightSunday are about. Just to recap, go fill it out in the sidebar, fill out the application, and then if you know anybody that you think would be a good fit for this group, recommend this group to them. If they’re not a good fit, don’t recommend it.


Like I said at the beginning, if you’re just coming in late, of course I want to grow this group and of course I want to send my message to more people. But I only want the right people. I would much, much rather have a small intimate group where everybody is engaged and knows about each other and is willing to help each other than have a humongous group with thousands of people.


That’s my goals. That’s my vision for the group. And that’s an overview of how it’s going to work. If you have any questions, just type them in the comments box later. I’ll be checking back and answering questions that you have. I’ll also put the application in the comment section so it’s easier to find, too.


That’s all we got for today and I will see you guys. When’s the next time I’m on here? Definitely Thursday for the Q and A call and then I haven’t decided which day I’m going to come back in for the training yet. So maybe Tuesday, maybe Monday. I don’t know yet. But I will see you soon. Alright, bye everyone. Have a good weekend. The rest of your weekend.


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