How to add more personality to your brand using Brand Archetypes

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What if I told you that you could make more money just by being your regular-awesome-self?

or by being a super-hero for your clients

or being a lover that makes ’em feel confident and sexy

or a magician that blows freaking their minds with results


What the eff am I talkin’ about?
Brand Archetypes, y’all.


Specifically, I’m talking about Brand Archetypes and how they can transform your brand from a boring, “me-too” brand into a “daaaaaaaang, they totally get me!” brand.


What’s an Archetype?

The word comes from the famous psychologist Dr. Carl Jung. Way back in the 1940’s, he created this theory to describe the patterns of human behavior derived from our unconscious mind. And they’re still used in psychology today, so you know it’s legit.

There could be lots of different archetypes, but Jung defined these 12 to categorize our basic human motivations.

Hover over each box to learn more!

You can take my Brand Archetype Quiz to find out where your brand fits and get more detailed descriptions, big brand examples, music choices, instagram accounts to follow, and a crap load of other cool stuff. Trust me, you’ll like it.

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So here’s how it works, guys…

Archetypes take the seemingly endless adjectives, values, and facets of personality used to describe humans (and brands!), and put them into 12 neat little boxes. It’s kind of like a mix between a personality test and a stereotype. (C’mon, you know they’re usually true even if you don’t want to admit it.)



Now, if you’re sitting there thinking that nobody’s gonna’ put you in a box because you’re such an intricate and complex being…


That’s kinda’ true!



And it’s also kinda’ wrong… psychology is weird, amiright?

You do fit into a couple different boxes (that’s why when I build brands with my clients, we use your top 3 Brand Archetypes), buuuut

You are not a unique, special ❄ snowflake ❄ either.
*said with love, so don’t hate me*



But trust me, y’all. I’m here to tell you that it’s a good thing


And you can use it to make more money in your biz.



How to make more money with Brand Archetypes

Guess what?

Your ideal clients aren’t special snowflakes, either. ❄ ❄ ❄

They’re just regular ol’ ladies and gents.

And they’ll fit into some of the same 12 Archetypes as you.

So, to make more money, you need to:

  1. Figure out YOUR Brand Archetype. If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, do that over here here.
  2. Figure out your IDEAL CLIENT’s Archetype. You should be able to easily tell where they fit.
    If you don’t know enough about them to figure it out, then you gotta’ back up a step and figure that out first. You should be all up in their heads, y’all.
  3. MAKE SURE THEY FIT TOGETHER. That may seem like common sense, but this is where a lot of brands get hung up. An Innocent or Caregiver isn’t as likely to connect with a Maverick or Performer brand. You’ve gotta’ make sure your underlying values are the same.
  4. SPEAK TO THEM IN THEIR LANGUAGE. You’ll appeal to them on a deeper level when they feel like you really understand their goals and values.
  5. MAKE BANK, yo.

Learn your Brand Archetype and USE IT. Give your ideal clients the opportunity to connect with you on a personal, even emotional, level and your sales will skyrocket. I promise.

People want to do business with other people. People that they like, that they can relate to, and that they identify with. So OWN your Archetype and use it to make some moo-lah?!


Which Brand Archetype fits your brand?

Take the quiz now!

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  1. Audra

    I love this! Thank you!!!

    • Brooke Lawson

      So glad to hear that Audra!! Thank YOU!

  2. April McGarrah

    You speak my language! I am always watching my mouth, or trying to anyways. I’m always afraid to offend someone just because I used so called “foul” words. But it just comes out, not aimed at anyone or for any other reason than, It’s just me! It’s how I express myself. I enjoyed all the content you provided at no charge. Thanks!!

    • Brooke Lawson

      So glad you liked it April!!

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