The 5 branding to-do’s to attract your IDEAL clients like a freakin’ magnet

I hear this stuff allllll the time

“I’m so sick of looking and sounding exactly like everyone else in my industry”

“My brand is sooooo booooooringggg. It does NOT reflect my personality – like, at all.”

“Why can’t I find the types of clients that can see how valuable I am?!”


So that’s exactly what I talked about today with Amy from Two Week Notice Society.

Not a great listener? No worries.

Here’s a transcript of the episode

We talked about the 5 things you need to focus on to make your brand stand out from everyone else – and in a way that feels unique to YOU:[/vc_column_text][dt_vc_list style=”2″]

  • Passion. Meaning. Truth. Your “give-a-shit.” Focus on your WHY. This is the foundation that everything is built on. Meaning it’s super-effing important to get it right from the very beginning. (drama intended)
  • You’ve gotta’ make it personal. This shit is hard, and I know we’d all love someone just telling us what to do. But then it wouldn’t be YOUR brand. YOU are your brand.
  • Make decisions with intention. Be purposeful about your desires, income needs, strategies, etc. and make sure every decision you make – from packaging to pricing to social media – is pointing you towards your end goal. Don’t just do things because you’re supposed to be doing them.
  • Stop competing on price by setting yourself apart in terms of quality. You want to set up your biz so it’s efficient, valuable, & PROFITABLE – and you DON’T have to be the cheapest option to do it.
  • Give, give, give. Over-deliver. Provide SO MUCH value that your ideal clients will be magnetized toward you.
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