Ep 23: Changing your mindset for financial abundance with Tania Shingler
Tania Rosa Teto Shingler is the director at TCS Accountants & Tax Consultants in South Africa where they do numbers, while you do life. (ps LOVE that tagline)
Tania’s coming in to teach us about changing your mindset to create financial abundance!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Tania’s website: https://www.shinglerandassociates.co.za/

YouTube video that blew Tania’s mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGuWK9OyYlM

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Here’s a transcript of the episode

Brooke Logan:

We’re live on here and we have Tania from South Africa. So, I’m going to let Tanya introduce herself and we will get started. So just tell us a little bit about you and your business and kind of why you started your business and how you got here.


Tania Shingler:

Okay, cool. I am from sunny South Africa. I was really stressing about saying that because yesterday it was so cold here and today it was sunny. So I don’t feel like I’m lying. Hello from sunny South Africa? TS accountants and tax consultants have been in this industry now for 15 years. But I’ve only had the honor and privilege of running my own practice for two years. Accounting was the one thing on never wanted to do and it was the one thing I was actually good at. I wanted to be a psychologist or a fashion designer. That was my go to, but l started in accounting. I started off as a receptionist at an accounting firm and found, I had a love for numbers and people and it just escalated from there, and now I don’t know what the tax side is like overseas, but here everybody’s afraid of government. And I see you guys are also a bit weary of the IRS.

I think it’s called that. I try and take that stigma away from them and just make people know that, you know, as long as you do things by the book, things will be okay and they’re not monsters. That’s what I’ve tried to do in between starting my business, over the 15 years I notice patterns that people started having when it came to finance and my mindset. A lot of what I’m going to talk about today comes from our own personal experience. So it doesn’t replace any advice that you get from your accountant or, so there’s a difference obviously, cause I’m in South Africa, so the taxes and stuff and accounting is pretty much the same. But the tech side of things is a little bit different. So please, just I know that I am an overseas based company. So here’s just what I, what I have to talk about today because that is a difference.


Brooke Logan:

Yeah. Okay, cool. So the next question I like to ask everybody then is just what is your definition of branding because I feel like everybody kind of has a different one. So I like to hear everybody’s different ideas and kind of how has it affected your business, if it has at all.


Tania Shingler:

Okay. So when I started my business, I had absolutely no capital. I actually started my business often losing my job here in South Africa and I didn’t even know what branding was. Even know what that is. It’s okay. Wait. So insides to Google and honesty copied somebody else’s image, just popped my details and the spelling errors and all, and I started promoting it on Facebook. That’s it. I’m going for it. And then later on as my business started to evolve and develop, so did my brand and became a case of, I actually became my business and I never realized I thought it was my business and they need, but it’s actually me and they my business. It’s your realize I disconnect between my business and me because in my mind my branding is me like this here I was so lucky to have two incredible people on board cards, dn camp and Joe Pizza who bought my branding to laugh. They personally and they basically recreates a who I am as a person and my brand I scoff keeps falling off and do this just to look good. It really is called Echo.

So branding for me is a big thing and a struggle a bit to, you know, I’m very loud and my, and my brands, so TCAS and yeah, it’s just images that it’s my personality as far as I’m concerned. I love it. That’s awesome. And I think it’s really important what you said too, like the people who designed, you’re brand new, you already. And I think that’s really important cause it had people look at my logos before and they’ve been up, no, you need to do it like this. And, and I’m not sorry, nos and, and Saad, I’m not, I just don’t feel it. You know, it’s not me. And it’s important because like now our main Ba, I’m sorry, I have to tell you this, I’d be mocking me and I used to look at people in our own God, they waved soughts all so beautiful, so beautiful. And I’ll talk, this is not working for me now. People’s happy that mom’s much beta. It is, it’s so important to work with somebody that gels with you and your personality because then they get you, they understand your personality, they understand what you’re trying to put out into the world and they can recreate that. I cannot do it. It does not work for me. That’s why I had to have somebody who is an expert in that field, obviously bringing me into a logo and brand. So you guys are freaking awesome. Just problem that I don’t mind because I can’t do that.


Brooke Logan:

You’re so right there. You definitely have to spend the time to actually get to know the person and you know how that part of the process, I think a lot of people who do branding really just do like logos and design and they skipped that part of the process.


Tania Shingler:

And I think that’s why, that’s why it comes out not, not feeling right. Like you said before, that it just doesn’t feel right. And that’s why if your, if your logo and your brand is off, you’re going to struggle to marry the two APP. You all going to struggle and you’re not gonna find that financial success that you seeking because the connection’s not going to be. So it’s extremely important. That’s what objects in the past two years, that’s exactly what offered.


Brooke Logan:

So perfect. I love it. I’m so glad. Okay, cool. So let’s just dive in, man. What are we learning from you today?


Tania Shingler:

I have mentioned I’m an accountant and I want to talk about is financial abundance and your mind states. Now I’m worried that possibly what I’m going to go into today mock not appeal to everybody and I just need you to not with the cap that I respect that and it’s hardly cool but what I’m going to put forward, you can. They are irrespective of what you believe and the all things that you can actually take from it because not Ernie amount of talking be talking about your mindsets. I’m going to give you tools as well to age you in growing your business financially. They are. A couple of things that I want to address and the first and most important is planning when it comes to financial abundance, whether it’s from nine seats or physically planning is key and your, it becomes instant swan and intertwined relationship.

We, how do you react to money? How does money make you feel? What is your around money? Are you nervous? Are you excited? Does it make you scape? Um, what is that relationship? Because like anything in this life, you have to have a positive relationship with money. You haven’t negative relationship with money, it’s not going to yield positive results. So key to this and the most important is to ascertain if you have a man states of Ska city when it comes to money or abundance. And the way to do that is to sit down and get real with yourself. And I know the signs actually bat should crazy to say air raid really does. You need to sit down with a pen and paper and be honest with yourself and rock down. How many makes you feel? Do you have enough of it? Do you wish you had more?

Um, do you feel anxious when it comes to money? Do you, do you wish you had more of a, do you want to, how does it make you feel? And only once it’s on paper, can you acknowledge it and say, where am I going wrong? Why am I feeling the sweat? And a lot of times it comes into a lack of understanding. So you’ll see now how all the pieces puzzle together. So not understanding what’s actually taking place in your finances creates that feeling of uncertainty and unhappiness. Waste. Tell people, irrespective of, I know you guys have an Llb, I think it’s called. That’s a type of company that you guys have. Well, like I’m sorry, that’s the one. And then you have sole proprietorships, if I’m not mistaken, in America and in South Africa we have something called a [inaudible], which is our private companies. And then I sole proprietorship. Salvia hot to ship an odd country is very much the same as a sole proprietorship and your country. I’m so sorry about that. Okay.

And what happens is it’s important for you to track obviously your income and your expenses. Now whether you have a business or you’re earning a salary, it makes no difference. You still need to know what’s going on in your finances. Or people often look at it and they like, okay, well I’ve got order of preference. You know, play pain. Heart created says is important and that’s priority. But then they don’t realize that they themselves are a priority as well. So what a lot to say is, okay, sorry. Forgive me, I just have to, I have a great day. Then he will chew the door down. Totally fine. My dog is interrupted. My live videos all the time he felt to do is a lot to say we you are busy writing down your relationship with money. Make a list of all your expenses. So immediate nice history expenses which would be obviously medical aid, a range, electricity, uh, fuel, Chon School, any car payments, things like that may come close things cause those are not negotiable expenses.

Okay, so what you would do as you were being tracked, your income, all right, that would be your first line and then you would have all your expenses, not a negotiable expenses. That’s what I locked to cooling mean you can’t never lock without having a bit of fun. That’s what are ways we need to add in a lawn for the negotiables. Now way that you like to have a glass of wine or whether you like to go out for dinner, whatever the case may be, be realistic about it because what you are doing is you are creating a projection for the universe. You are basically trying to understand how much many you need to make to be financially abandoned. So the only way you can do that is by tracking what you are spending. Once you, once you have all that information, you will see what you are actually left with.

In terms of what I got. What I like to do is I have my income, my non negotiable expenses, and that leaves me with my profit or loss. So that tells me, okay, this is how much money I have available, this is how much money it’s other than a positive or a negative. Then over and above that you have your negotiable expenses. Your entertainment expenses to say as it is a data science put 10% in a savings account. It’s so important style in casino. If you can’t start a 14% in stock with [inaudible], something is Beta. Okay? And if you can’t even afford 5% that’s fine because we’re going to move now on to the second stage, which is the implementation. Okay? So once you have your tracking down, and if you don’t like excel, the is an app called waves. I’m not a fan of this APP.

I’ve seen it a million times, but it is for free. I don’t unlock it cause it’s not an accounting program. So it doesn’t give me everything I need to know. But for somebody coming off out of, you know, a, a non accounting background, it’s a perfect app to track, track your income and your expenses. So it program are, don’t get any royalties from it. I’m just saying it’s, you know, it’s not an easy if you don’t drop esal and they’ve got an APP for your phone. So now we move on to the implementation. This is the fun part. So we’ve got an idea of what income, we’ve got an idea of Amnon negotiable expenses and we’ve got an idea of are negotiable expenses. But what if we want move? That’s why we work is to make more. So this is wait, your goals come into play.

And I do this religiously. Every year. I take a pen and paper and I’ll write down exactly what my goals are for the year in terms of finances. So I break down two quarters and I say by the first quarter I want to have taken on five clients announcing to x amount of money. Writes it down. Don’t put it in your mind. If it’s one paper and you stick it up somewhere where you can see it every day. You’re not only condition yourself, but you put it out the you allow yourself. When you allow yourself to break that money block, that’s exactly what you do it by having it written down and in front of you, seeing it every, every day. Then the creole lactose park cause it’s the creative side of it. But your vision boards, it comes in like this. Put things up that inspire you.

Then help you stay motivated for your why. So for example, um, I would lock to have a new car. I don’t really, but I’m just using it as an example. Um, put a car that you lock, put it up on your vision board some way, makes to goals so that you’re able to see it every day. I don’t for me when I wake up every morning and the back of my mind and know what our whites and I’ve already seen that intention every morning and it’s important to not only have it written down but wake up every day like you living that lifestyle. If that makes it come off the backdrop, not as people, not crazy, I promise you I’m not mad. So from that side of things, the vision board is extremely important and everybody I come across, I told him that is a master’s and not a negotiable. It has to be done because if you don’t have your goals set out in front of you, how do you know what you’re working towards? You basically working day to day, month to month, and nobody wants to the flub there. So that’s where your savings and your goals come into play. Okay. And then the last two and I’ll stop talking. I promise all your awesome.

It’s how you speak to yourself. So I was so bad, like I was always saying I never have enough money. I want to go buy new slippers, but it’s up 50 rand. Can South Africa, it’s quite a bit. He ran, I don’t have 50 rent. Um, you know, yes, I’m struggling. And what do you do? You are lady telling yourself that you’re struggling and you don’t have money. And that’s so important and it’s all about dramont holds the money. When you start telling yourself that you’re ready, start conditioning yourself to produce that in your life at 18 that negative environment that Ernie attracts negative things. So important for you to change the way you speak, not only about yourself, but to yourself because you are energy and energy is what you put out there. So I started changing that. I started saying, you know what? It’s for, for your end.

I can afford it tomorrow. Monday. I will make that money. That’s fine. I’m not worried about it. And the money into stocks tracing, you’re not being careless or reckless. I’m not saying go out and buy new. Then beginning when you don’t have in Amman safe that it will never be yours. Don’t because that is not acceptable. You work too damn hard to not allow yourself to have those kinds of goals. It’s just not negotiable. So deep into yourself, it’s not easy running your own business or getting up in the morning, going to make somebody else and then it isn’t easy to yourself. Be Gentle. It’s a process and once you get to man, Rod, everything else starts to fall into place.

And never, forget your why. That’s, that’s the thing. It’s why you do it. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you are self employed. Why? Why he getting up every morning? Why nobody wants to live a mediocre life. Nobody wants to get up with. I used to do that. I used to wake up every morning. I was like, oh, it’s Monday. My husband used to laugh at me because when used to drop me off at work, he used to say to me every morning I used to Sar before I got out the car and you know why? It’s because my mom’s seek was all wrong because you stopped it. You should be excited about building your financial future and if you not, you need to go back to step one and figuring out where your blocks come in in terms of your mind seat. And money.


Brooke Logan:

Yes, exactly. I love it. This is great. This is awesome. I feel like it was all good information.


Tania Shingler:

Yeah, I was so nervous. I suck at these things. I promise. I forget and I actually got my notes stuck up on my photo frame and I’m trying to do like the newsreaders like without anybody knowing. I was going to do a free, I did tell you Brooke, thank you for having me by the way. I see. Thank you. Thank you for joining me. God, it’s going to do a free download booklet, blah, blah, blah. But seriously, who’s got time for that? I don’t have time for it. I’ll tell you, Brooke are downloaded like five different complementary workbooks and I’ve done none of them. I am a, but what I am going to do is I’m going to put a, I’m going to give book the link to a YouTube video that’s seriously blew my mind and I think it will blow yours. So what I’ll dust off to this video are all saying that to Brooke and then she can do what she wants that they can. And you guys just go in and watch it.

And just remember guys, you know it’s, it’s okay to not feel like you’ve got your shit together because we generally feel that way a lot of times. Don’t need an accountant to have control over your money. I’m sorry. Their theory is a load of bullshit. Sorry again. If you are more than capable of doing it and you, you, you don’t have to look at it as that. God, I’m drawing in date while you drawing in date and not out of 10. It’s because you don’t understand your spending habits and you don’t understand your income habits. Once you’ve got that down, you can make conscious decisions and that, that video, that link for YouTube, then I’m going to get, well that is liquid gold.

I promise you it’s absolutely brilliant and yeah, and with your vision board, just have fun with it because remember it’s what about mine seat when you are creating it, feel that wealth, feel that abundance, feel that happiness. Feel what doors things would bring for you. Remembered though. Happiness. Thoughts inside. Yeah, so you’re not happy here. No amount of money will make you happy here. So true. That’s such a good point too. It’s so super important to make sure. That’s why my first step is always sit down and establish what is your mind saying? I used to be, I used to be afraid of money. I grew up in a very strict Portuguese household. My Grandmother, she was an incredible human being and she always told me, you work too also for anything that you want and then create. It is the devil. That was what she always taught me.

And I’ve always been afraid of money and for all the time that I’ve been afraid of money, I’ve never had a waste being so afraid to have it because I knew how dangerous it was. And then that changed and I’m not well. I would like to live a life of abundance. I have that Ron’s and remained, but abundance means something different to everybody. So abundance is what it’s about. What it means to you. Abundance to me doesn’t mean living in a fog. Spoilery hard rock. Now I live in a small town and Durban and a three bedroom hard and this for me, I am abundance. I wake up every morning grateful for everything that I have in my life, my clients, my kid, my husband, the dogs running around. That’s true. Them at the moment, that for me is abundance. And when you wake up with that happiness and that that draped and sod of you, I promise you it will start to seep into.

Your finances will start to seep into your relationships. It will be, it will be mind blowing. So I promise you I’m not crazy. I promise you that I’m going to be at all. I love it and I want to feedback. So if anybody does look, you’ve got nothing to lose you. You know you can honor roll or you can be like your, these people in South Africa, they are mental. That’s fine. You’ve got nothing to lose. If you’re at a point now and you’re looking at your bank statement and you look, this is not cool, then you’ve got nothing to do is give it a shot. And if it works, such me and knew what she was talking about.


Brooke Logan:

That’s awesome. I love it. Like I don’t think you’re crazy at all. I think it makes 100% perfect sense and I love it. And I’m so, so glad that you came on here and share that with us today.


Tania Shingler:

Ah, I just, and you know, there’s no goal that’s too small. I mean, I’ll show you. I’m not even, I don’t if I can turn this thing next to me today on my goals as the is no goal that is too big. I mean, if you want to put down that you want to make 1 million rand in three months, do it, just do it. Any person that’s stopping you is, you know, that’s no one else because if you want it, you will go out the and you will make it happen. That’s the bottom line.


Brooke Logan:

I so agree. That’s awesome. Well, perfect. Thank you so, so much for coming out here today and this has been awesome.


Tania Shingler:

Thank you so much for accommodating you with the time difference and everything and saying give me a part of your group. I’m such a big fan and I love the fact that you give back to your community. So selfless you locked. You do then you, because I take a lot of pride in doing that as well. So your heart shines through in everything that you do and what you do is phenomenal. So thank you. Thank you for having me.


Brooke Logan:

Well thank you again. This has been so awesome. And we will hop off. Everyone have a good day. You have a good evening.


Tania Shingler:







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