Ever wonder WTF I’m even talking about…?

Just a quick pop-in on this happiest of Fridays to give you my newest free thang!

There is SO MUCH free advice out there… and some of it is even pretty good!

But have you ever read a blog post or downloaded a freebie and had NO FREAKING IDEA what they were even talking about?!

You’ve probably heard things like “Clarify your brand voice and messaging for each marketing campaign and piece of content so you’re always in alignment.” and you’re like…. Uhh…. I *know* those words. But WTF does that sentence even mean?!

SO not helpful.

Enter the Brand-ssary! Let’s get super clear on allllll the branding things. Because you can’t implement any of the good advice if you aren’t sure WTF they’re talking about.

+ You can download it below (fo’ free, of course) +

Oh, and let me know if there’s a word I missed that you’ve been wondering about!

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