Ep 24: How to get people to say YES to your offers more easily

Today’s call is alllll about how to position your offers to make it EASIER for people to say YES and give you their moneyyyy!

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Here’s a transcript of the episode

Hey! I want to talk about packaging your offers in a way that makes it really easy for people to say yes to them because that’s what we want, right? We want people to say yes when we offer them something. So I talked a little bit last week too. I really want to try to keep these a little bit shorter than I was before, so I’m just going for like quick little like easy changes that you can make and you can implement to see a huge difference in your business and your brand.


So the first thing I want to talk about about packaging is kind of just to give a definition of what that means. So a lot, a lot of people online talking about packaging and usually with pricing, like packaging and pricing your offers. So all that that means is setting up your offer in a way that is more like a product, like a thing than a service. So as a service based businesses, usually how we see things go in the service space world is a potential client will come to you.


They’ll say, hey, I’m interested. They may or may not know your price depending on if you have it on your website or not. But it’s usually like I come to you, I’m interested in maybe working together and you like write them a quote or write them a proposal and send them something and then they make a decision and get back to you. Well, if we’re packaging our offers into a thing, it’s going to eliminate that part of that part of the work. So what that means is taking our most common thing that we do. So for me, I have my, my branding package. So instead of having different offers for every different person, instead of everyone that comes to me and wants to work with me saying, well, we could do it a three month or we could do a two month or we could do a nine month or instead of coming up with individualized options for every single person, I have packaged it in a way that works best for everybody.


My program is four months long because that’s the amount of time 95% of my clients need to see a real transformation in their brand. Right? So if you can try to think about your offers, like if you’re thinking about your business, maybe you’re like a photographer or a freelance graphic designer like I used to be. If you want to try or you want to try to think about your most common things that you offer. So if you’re a designer, if you do logo packages instead of just saying well, I’ll give you this number of logos, however many you need and this other thing and this other thing have, you can come up with some kind of package and put it all together in a way that makes sense for them. So yes, this makes it easier for us, and I’ll go into that in a minute also.


But really the point of the package is to make it easier for them to say yes to because you’re telling them what they don’t know that they need. Does that make sense? Like you don’t know what you don’t know. So if you, if you package it in a way, and my graphic design stuff that I used to do is a really good example to show what I’m talking about, like people would come to me and say, Hey, I need a logo. Or Hey, I need some banner images for my website. I’m like, okay, cool. Well, I write a proposal and send it to them and you know, and then I do the work and then they come back and they’re like, oh well I also need this and I will also need this. And it’s just a lot of back and forth, you know, if we do it that way.


Whereas if I have something set up on my website instead as a package and say if you need a logo, have you also thought about this? Like maybe you also need branded social media templates and maybe you also need, you know, branded forms for your intake, onboarding process and all of these things that you probably haven’t, haven’t thought about if you don’t have a designer brain. So it makes it easier for them to say yes because then they’re like, oh my gosh, this person is totally an expert. They know exactly what I need and I didn’t even know I needed it. You know? It just sets you up as being a valuable human with something really good to offer, you know? And then when it’s packaged that way, it’s also way less confusing. So instead of saying, well, I could do this or this or this, or come up with a million different options, people don’t actually want a million different options.


I know that sounds crazy, but like make it as easy and simple to understand and like don’t leave any room for confusion. Right? Say here’s your problem, here’s my solution. And, and like I said, remember you want to create these packages though that they, they fit like 95% of the people that come to you. So like, let’s say maybe you’re a photographer and you’re trying to build a really strong brand and you picked a specific niche. So let’s say you’re going to do like newborns, like that’s your thing. You’re a photographer and you specialize in newborn photos. So most people will probably come to you and be like, oh, I saw these really cute pictures on Pinterest. Can we do something like this?


And then you’re like, yeah, sure, here’s this package I offer. You know, I offer this specific package. It comes with this many images. It comes with this many edits, this many outfit changes or you know, whatever it is that you do. That is standard. So I’m going to switch gears a little bit. We’ve covered how that’s easier for the other person to say yes, let’s cover why this is good business in terms of like automation and efficiency because I’m all about that. So it saves you so much effing time for real. Like if you have all this stuff set up, not only do you not have to send proposals for everything because you already have – this is my package, here it is. But you’re also saving so much time when you are like implementing the package too. So instead of – let’s stick with the photographer instead of them asking, well how many outfits can I have?


And trying to like, I don’t want to say take advantage cause hopefully none of us are working with clients that would take advantage of us anyway. But just setting up the expectation of how it’s going to go and how everything works for an efficient outcome. So if you spell everything out on your package like that with the photographer, you know, you get this many outfits, this many locations, this, this many pictures, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Eventually when you keep doing the same process over and over again like that, you get much better at it. You get much faster and more efficient so you’re spending less time doing it. So I’ll go back to like when I used to do just the graphic design, obviously everybody’s logo is different so you don’t really shave anytime off of that.


But as far as like the presenting of the materials, so if I’m offering the exact same package to everybody and it comes with the exact same deliverables, I can set up templates and the backend of my systems and for when I get ready to present their new brand stuff to them, I can pull it up and plug in the three logos and plug in the other stuff here. And it just streamlines the entire process. And then on top of that, once they see it and they’re like, wow, she’s got her shit together, like this looks awesome. She’s really prepared for this. And in reality it only took you five minutes because you the same pieces and you use the same process every single time. Super efficient. Right? And then again, back back to the clients too, it makes it so much easier for people to say yes when you just say, here’s the answer.


Do you want it or not? Sort of like, well this, well this, well this, we could do all these different things. It gets overwhelming and it gets harder to make that decision for every variable that you add in. It makes it harder to make that decision. So try to pick. So recap then before we hop off, like I said, I’m trying to keep these like real short, so keep it like what 95% of your your clients are looking for. If you can go through and really sit down and go through step by step, what is my process with every single client? Which parts are the same for everyone and which parts are different and how can you, how can you systematically make the ones that are the same easier and have all of those pieces in place so that you are ready to go every single time.


And then for the other 5% you can do the upsell down sell thing. You know what I’m talking about? That’s like marketing terminology. But some people call it like you’ll see it on websites. What I’m thinking like silver gold, what’s the bronze, bronze, silver, gold, is that right? You know, just like different levels. So the 95% should be like what every single person will probably want. And then you can have a smaller option that takes away some of the deliverables for a lower price. And then you have your super fancy pants, Cadillac, awesome version that has every single thing they could possibly need. So like if we go back to the photographer, you have your regular package, your fancy pants version can be like include hair and makeup and include a style consultation to help them figure out what they need to wear.


And that doesn’t really apply if you’re a baby photographer, I guess. But you know, I think you get my point, like the super fancy, awesome bad ass version have that there too because some people will buy it. Some people just want to have the fanciest of everything, you know, so always make that available. But then you have those two other options to play with. But the bulk of your thing should be that middle one that everybody will probably want. So I promise, promise, promise. It makes it so much easier for people to say yes when they’re not confused, when they’re not overwhelmed, when they know exactly what to expect and they know exactly what’s going to happen. It just builds trust. Like you wouldn’t believe.


So. Awesome. I’m so glad to be able to share this. Bye!




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