The internet is full of BULLSHIT
Y’all… there is so much BULLSHIT on the internet lately…

Have you seen it?
Maybe it’s just me…?

I keep seeing post after post after post about how to “make 6 figures” or “work 10 hours per week” or “sign 10 new clients by Friday” and it seems like that’s all anyone wants to talk about anymore…

But what if that’s not your goal?

I mean… it’s not like those are bad goals to have…

But when was the last time you sat down and thought about your actual goals and desires for your biz?

What about doing work you LOVE to do? And how to make that profitable instead of following some “proven 6 figure system”?
What if your goal is to give SO MUCH value to your clients and help them be even more successful?
What if your drive is to be a force of good for your clients so they can’t imagine life without you?
What if the thought of working with 10 clients at once makes you want to barf? (I only work with 5-6 max)
What if you WANT to work more than 10 hours per week because you LOVE it?
What would you even do with that elusive 6 figure income? Shopping spree? Invest it? Travel?

So that stuff just kinda’ pisses me off… assuming that every human is motivated by the same things.

But what pisses me off even more… is the fact that the internet is so effing good at manipulating us into believing that we all need 6 figure, 10 hour, 10 client work weeks. 

Those online posts try to make us believe that if we don’t want those things, then we’re doing something “wrong” or that we won’t be “successful” without them.

And it’s bullshit.

You don’t need to make 6 figures to be successful.
You don’t need to limit your hours to be successful.
You don’t need to over-extend yourself to be successful.
You don’t need to work from the beach to be successful.
You don’t need 20k followers or celebrity status to be successful.
You don’t need to do a single fucking thing you don’t want to do.

You get to decide what will make you successful.

Decide what it is that YOU really want from your business.
Decide on the impact that YOU want to have – on yourself, on your clients, on the whole effing world.
Just decide what YOU want. 
And then make. it. happen.

But don’t believe for one hot second that you have to follow someone else’s idea of success.


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  1. Steven A Sklar

    the internet is nothing but BULLSHIT. I spent 32 years in Information Technology and I said it 32 years ago that this is an unregulated media that is uncontrolled and is more then 75% BULLSHIT.


    pseudo experts abound and most usually the title of any section you read is barely, if at all, related to the subject line that leads you to the the site

    i think you are being very generous to say that only 75% is BULLSHIT…..

  3. Michael

    MOST of the technical info on areas such as linux is submitted by hackers who have managed to get something to function based on the spaghetti-at-the-wall technique….. between that and undated submissions it is mostly useless


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