Is it okay to change your mind?
People ask me these questions a lot…

“I’ve already built an audience with x, y, z, but I really want to be doing lmnop.”

“I am working with this client, but I really want to work with those clients over there instead.”

“I’ve been charging hourly, but I want to switch to monthly/project/get paid in beer/whatever.”

Have you ever asked any of those questions?

*NOTE* This episode was recorded LIVE inside my Facebook group, Brand Boldly for Service-Based Entrepreneurs. Join the group to participate LIVE and get your questions answered in real time. 

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Hey, I’m Brooke!

I’m a Creator archetype, INTJ, and music snob. I will fight you if you try to convince me that a MacBook is an instrument. It’s not.

But as far as this whole business thang goes… I’m basically a weird mix of creative-big-picture-thinker and analytical strategery all rolled into one.

I can help you use your unique personality to stand out BOLDLY online and attract your ideal clients like a freakin’ magnet – just by being YOU.

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