Little tricks to improve your website

Let’s take a hot minute to talk about your website, mmk?

Everyone always has approximately 938 questions about their website.


Luckily, it’s somethin’ I kinda love to talk about!


I did a video training with my girl Carla on her Instagram page (you should totally stalk her), but I thought it could be helpful for you, too!

We talked about allllll the website things, including:

  • What are the most important pages to have on my website?
  • What information goes on each of these pages?
  • How can I turn my website visitors into subscribers or paying clients?
  • Opt-ins – what exactly are they and where/how should I use them on my site?
  • Should I be using pop-ups?
  • Do I need to be selling something in order to have a website?
  • Do I need a blog?

So, without any further ado… here it is!

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