Ep 1: The only 4 things that matter when building a stand out brand
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Here’s a transcript of the episode

Hey everyone, welcome to our very first live training session. I’m excited to do this. Before I start, since this is the first one, I just kind of wanted to talk about my intentions for these calls. 


Sometimes these might be like, I dunno, 30 minutes long or 10 minutes long, I’m going to try to stay away from anything really long because ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m going to try to keep these short and sweet and just, super valuable information that you can actually implement and use.


Today we’re going to talk about brand archetypes a little bit. Your archetype helps you understand how to articulate and personify all the characteristics of yourself, basically. So people can get to know you faster and like you and buy from you faster.


There are four basic things to understand about branding and how to use your archetype. Number one is that YOU are your brand. Okay, you, you, you are your brand. You are your differentiator. You are your special sauce. The special sauce. I think that’s weird when people say that, I don’t really that term, but your unique selling proposition or value proposition or whatever marketing word you want to use for it, you are what sets you apart from everyone else. That’s why one of my core values is community over competition because I 127% believe that there is no such thing as competition. I can do the exact same thing and provide the exact same service as someone else. But it doesn’t matter. Because you’re attracted to me because of me and because of my personality and because of how I present the information or you’re attracted to them and you think I’m weird and that’s cool, too. I am my brand. You are your brand. That’s where those archetypes are gonna play the biggest role.


For me, I’m the creator. And you’ve noticed too, I’m sure, that nobody fits into one archetype perfectly. We’re humans. We have more than one side. How it works is you have a primary archetype and then you have sub archetypes that are complementary to it. My primary archetype is the creator. That means, obviously I’m creative, but there’s much more to it than that. One of my strengths is nonlinear thinking, is what people call it in psychology world, but basically I can visualize an end result and reverse engineer the steps to figure out how to get there. That’s hard for a lot of people. A lot of people need like, tell me to do this and this and this. Tell me exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. I don’t need that. I can think about things backwards, I guess is the best way to describe it.


But then if you tried to just use that primary archetype in your branding, it’s going to be kind of boring. You need more to it than that. And that’s where most brands get hung up is they try to just be one thing for everyone and try to please everyone and try to attract as many people as possible. Where as what I teach through the brand archetypes is almost the exact opposite. You want to use your personality – one because you just want to be you and you don’t want to be fake all the time – but also, you want to use it to attract the people who are really gonna like you.


So that’s where we get into number two. Your ideal client, your ideal clients are the ones – one that you want to work with. That was one of the main problems when I first started doing, I started out as a graphic designer if you didn’t know that and I graduated with the graphic design degree and I had a job and I had decided that I wanted to own my own business though, so I was going to freelance on the side. I did that for awhile and I decided that I hated humans. Everyone sucked. And it was terrible because I was attracting the wrong type of clients. I was getting the people who would just ask for discounts all the time and not show up on time and just didn’t value what I was doing. So that’s the first part of the ideal client is the ones that you actually want to work with. You want the people who see the value in what you do and you want them to respect your time and all of those good things.


The way that you find them is by understanding that they also have an archetype. Just like you have an archetype, your ideal clients have an archetype and you’ve got to do a little research to – one to figure out what you want – and then research those people. Go find them and actually talk to them and understand what their struggles are, understand what their goals are, where they want to be, and understand their archetype. And then that’s how you’re able to communicate with them in a way that they just “get it” and they just get what you do and they love you. That’s the goal, right? And then they give you money. That’s the other goal.


Ideal clients are like, you’ve probably heard that from every single person on the Internet who are in the business group world, ideal clients, they will beat you over the head with ideal client workbooks. And it’s super important. It really is. I don’t mean to downplay it because it’s the number one most important thing probably to focus on. But where the archetypes come in is understanding them and then actually applying that ideal client research to every single thing that you do going forward. You have to actually take the research and apply it.


What I see happen a lot of times is I’m working with someone and I ask them, who’s your ideal client? They’ll say, oh, I work with women between 20 and 60. I’m like, hmm, that’s not specific enough. How you connect with your ideal clients, basically you want to join the conversation that they’re already having inside their own head. They’re trucking along trying to get to their goal and if you are talking about stuff over here that they don’t really care about, even if they really need it, they’re not going to connect with you. You have to join the conversation they’re already having in their head. That’s where that ideal client research comes in and that’s when you apply it. 


The third thing about branding, number three, is that you have incredible value to offer. And if you don’t, then you shouldn’t have a business. You have something super valuable to offer to your clients in order to have a good brand. What that means is they are able to get results. Get whatever the results you’re trying to give them. That one’s pretty easy. That’s the content. You should have that down. If you don’t, you can’t have a good brand. This is step two after you kind of develop your business concept and your process and all that stuff. So come back after you have that if you don’t have that yet.


Then the last thing is the one that everybody is always excited about and I get the most questions about is the design. Most people associate branding with design. Hopefully you’ve already kind of realized that it’s much more than just your design and your logo and your colors and all that stuff. And that’s super fun. It is. But you have to have all of these other things in place before you can get to the design. I’ve already seen a couple of questions and I get emailed these questions all the time. Like, yes, I’m excited I want to do these colors and I want a logo like this. I’m like, okay, cool. That’s awesome. So, but who’s your ideal client? And they’re like, oh well I don’t know yet. Okay, so design comes last. You have to have all those other pieces in place because otherwise how are you going to create designs that connect with them if you don’t even know who they are? Right? Design comes last.


That’s the four things. Do a quick recap. You are your brand, you are what makes you different. Number two, your ideal clients love you. You have to figure out who they are and then find them and talk to them and figure out how to speak their language. Number three, you have to have something valuable to offer. If you don’t, go figure that out first and then come back and try to build the brand, and four design comes last. Do design at the very end and then you will be good.


And, you know what? Number five – you can do it. Throw that in there, too. It’s super easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed with all of this stuff, but it does take work. I’m not going to say that it’s easy by any means. If it’s easy, everybody would have a bad ass brand and you know the world would be perfect, but it’s not like that. Don’t get discouraged and be willing to dig a little bit deeper than you’re willing to do initially. Push yourself a little bit. Go beneath the initial surface level and put in the work and it will be worth it for you. 


That’s all I have for this training. Okay. Bye!


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