There’s nothing sexy about suicide with Christie Plumridge
Christie Plumridge is a single mom (aka mummy because she’s also in Australiaaaaaa), blogger, and health and wellness consultant. Her aim is to empower mums to live a balanced and mentally well life through good food and laughter.
Come listen to Christie share her message to start powerful (and MUCH needed) conversations about parenthood, mental health, and suicide.

It sounds ominous but trust me… Christie is a ROCK STAR at keeping things light hearted.

In three years, she lost her ex-brother in law, her best mate and soul mate, and her daughters’ father to suicide. She lost her home and herself and her 4 girls lived in a garage and slate room for 6 months. But she uses her story to make others laugh and see the rainbow in every storm. She helps them lose weight, face their mental health problems, and show them that there is always a solution to every problem.

Christie’s website:

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