Why I PROUDLY say the F word on my website

Alright y’all… we needa’ have a little chatty chat chat about somethin. Right meow.

(P.S. I saw the new Super Troopers movie last week and it’s HILARIOUS)

Let’s talk about OFFENDING PEOPLE for a minute. 

Specifically, why I believe with my entire body and soul that offending people is CRUCIAL to the success of my business.

If you think I completely insane, then I have 2 things to say to you:

  1. I don’t give 2 shits. Actually, not even one little teeny tiny shit. #sorrynotsorry
  2. The little button to LEAVE is right at the top of your browser. No hard feelings. Really.

If you’re intrigued, then keep reading cuz I’m about to pull out my Sage-y side for a minute and make you a good ol’ fashioned pro/con list.

PRO’s of saying the F word on my website (or whatever other word I feel like saying)

  1. I’m using it to make a point. 
    I’m not saying words just for the hell of it, y’all. I pride myself on being intentional with all of my decisions – especially word choice. If I chose to use a specific word, it needs to be there to have the effect I need it to have.

  2. My ideal audience does not care. 
    In fact, my point probably resonates with them on a deeper level than if I hadn’t used a potentially “offensive” word – because that’s how their brains work, too.

  3. It’s efficient and STRATEGIC.
    If someone is not actually my ideal client, then I wanna’ know that before either of us waste any time trying to connect. Ideally, they’ll read that big fat f-bomb on my website/post/whatever, decide they think I’m a complete lunatic for cursing on the internet, and go find someone that they love to help them with their brand. 
    The alternative would be to get on the phone, have that f-bomb slip outta’ my mouth on the call (as it’s been known to do), they get REALLY offended, I think they’re lame, and we both waste 30 minutes of our lives. Weeding them out early = efficient strategy. Boom.

  4. I’m happier.  Obviously, that one is important.
    When I’m not worried about offending people, I can focus on staying in my zone of genius. 
    I can focus on sharing my message. 
    I can focus on saying what my audience needs to hear in the way the ways they need to hear it.
    All of which makes me so much happier than trying to water down my personality so I don’t accidentally offend anyone.
    And I know from experience, the ones that are my ideal clients appreciate it. 

CON’s of saying the F word on my website

  1. Some people will think I’m a complete lunatic.
    They’ll read something I wrote, gasp in horror, think that I’m legit cray-cray, move on with their search until they find a different branding person who says no curse words on their website, and live happily ever after. And so will I.


Here’s the bottom line…
Building a strong brand around your personality is about deterring the wrong people just as much as it is about attracting the right people.

Your ideal clients WANT you to be yourself.
They want you to say what you REALLY think.
They want you to speak your TRUTH.
And if they don’t… then you’re talking to the wrong people.

If you want to build a profitable brand that also gives you the freedom to say whatever the eff you want, then I can help you with that. It’s kinda’ my thang.

+ Let’s start with a 2 hour intensive +

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